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Frequently Asked Questions

What is anemoi?

In greek mythology, the "Anemois" were the Gods of the wind. For thousand of years they fell into obscurity, and now they are back - this time equipped with modern sensors, microprocessor technology and robust algorithms. anmeoi is a cockpit instrument designed for glider pilots who always want to know where the wind is comming from.

What does anemoi look like?

The anemoi is composed of a sensor unit and a small display. The device can compute and display the real-time wind vector (and artificial horizon). And that extremely well. And thanks to modern mathematics, without any magnetometers prone to interferences.

Who needs an anemoi?

Over the last couple of years there has been a growing interest from glider pilots for a very precise and reliable wind display. Especially for mountain, ridge and wave soaring pilots value highly precise wind data. The anemoi great and inexpensive solution for anyone wishing to upgrade their cockpit with a wind display without being bounded to a specific variometer platform.

How does the anemoi work?

The core of the anemoi consists of a sophisticated 14-dimensional, non-linear Kalman filter combining inertial & pressure sensors and GPS-data. The result is a very precise measuring device, calibrating itself during flight and capable of delivering correct wind data during prolonged straight and level flight.

What else can the anemoi do?

In order to compute the wind data, the anemoi is constantly determining it's attitude and motion in space. As a result, an artificial horizon (AHRS) is a secondary feature that can also be displayed by the anemoi. This additional information is simply there for reference purposes and should not be use as the sole basis of aeronautical decision making.