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Firmware update 3.0

Firmware update 3.0

Apr 15, 2024

Stefan Jahnke

Today we anounce the new firmware versions 3.0 for the anemoi sensor unit and for the anemoi display unit.

The most important change is that not only the live wind vector, but also its reliability is displayed. Therefore the live wind vector fades out if the uncertainty rises and goes back to dark blue as soon as the data is reliable again.

For anyone who is interested in logging the attitude, wind and motion data of the sensor unit, we added a timestamp to the output data stream to better be able to sync to IGC files.

Regarding the installation we have news, too. It's now possible to mount the sensor unit upside down as well, so that there are eight possibilites now. The orientation can be set via the known "Align DOF" menu by the use of two new symbols.

The sensor unit update comes with an improved Kalman Filter tuning for many mathematical weights, time constants and modeling details to better match a glider's profile of motion to outperform the very good results of the wind indication of the previous firmware version.

Get the new firmware on the Download page and enjoy flying!